My BAYC story

My BAYC story

“Racheal you will moderate,”said Peter Kamese in a BAYC planning meeting in 2014.

There was an ongoing discussion concerning moderators for BAYC.

On hearing my name suggested(it wasn’t suggested hihihi, it was sealed for that year)I wanted every pit in the world to swallow me so i wouldn’t attend BAYC that year and moderate.

Apart of me was excited but the other half was scared to the core. No one in the room seemed to see nor discern my fears…hehehe

That year  Bay c reached sooner than I anticipated and I had to moderate with Marc Tugume who in my view was a pro in this game.

The first time  was awkward for me however the waters had been stirred and my gifting was being cultivated by the grace of God. I desire each young person to discover what their gift is so they grow in their purpose and calling.

Each year I get better in my various giftings through the various DYF(Disciples Youth Fellowship) platforms.

Bayc provided me an opportunity to grow in my gift as a leader ,speaker ,mentor.. the list is endless.

Each year i look forward to Bayc because it isn’t about me but about God and His people.

God meets each individual who in return influences another person at Bayc and outside Bayc.

Looking forward to a fun filled bayc full of growth for me this year at Seroma.

As we fundraise for Bayc through the run on 16th july .plan to be apart.

Fee is 10,000/= for adults and 5000/= for kids.

Bayc (Bugolobi Annual Youth Conference )is an opportunity for the DYF family to grow as they share what God is doing in our family while influencing as a family.


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