Who is teaching you responsibility?

Who is teaching you responsibility?

Dear boys 2 men,

Who is teaching you responsibility?

Who is teaching you how to treat the ladies in your lives?
Who is teaching you how to behave on dates? (I am not talking about opening car doors here.if you do it, awesome,if you don’t,it’s OK)
Who is teaching you how to disagree but not beat up that woman in your life?

Who is teaching you how to go about proposals?
Who is teaching you how to be a present friend, husband,father, grandfather?
who is teaching you the basics of manhood?
Who are you having your manhood conversations with?

Who are you vulnerable with?(I know in our society,you’ve been told to man up. “abasajja tebakaba,” but that’s not even scriptural, Jesus wept openly)
Who are you showing your nakedness?Who is walking the marriage journey with you?Who is teaching you responsibility?

Who is teaching you how to protect your “Chic,kyana” physically,mentally,emotionally, spiritually and financially?
Who is teaching you not to have premarital sex  to prove your manhood?

Who is teaching you parenting?some of you get kids while at university, after university and there in between and have no idea where to start from hence ,choosing irresponsibility.Perhaps if you knew better,you would do better.perhaps.

Who is sharpening you? ``As iron sharpens iron,So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17 (NKJV)

Who is affirming you? Who is speaking wisdom to you?

Who is praying with and for you?

Who is rebuking you?

Tell me,Who is teaching you?

Who is holding your hand and showing you the way to go?

Who is teaching you how to lead and be led?

Who is teaching you responsibility in every form?



Follow Kuteesa Foundation on Facebook ,because they are teaching the boys 2 men in our generation responsibility.

Comment below with a man ,men or group of men who are teaching you responsibility.

16 thoughts on “Who is teaching you responsibility?

    1. I am so glad we are on the same page my dear Cathy. In this season, I am feeling for the boy child. There has got to be a change.
      Thank you for reading my dear

  1. Woooooow! who is teaching them indeed?
    This was so thoughtful Ray.
    we need better men in the generations now and ahead.

    1. Amen amen..kudos to you for raising up responsible sons…I believe every mother should be doing this for their sons ,who are tomorrow’s leaders ,husband’s ,fathers,etc

  2. Ben Mwine…Nobert Tugume…Paul Luguza…I thank God for the men I have had an encounter with that have shaped certain aspects of my growing life.

    Thanks Rach. I should definitely plan to be there at he Kuteesa Foundation meet.

    1. Yaay to bold men pouring into other men.
      I hope and pray you attend the 27th Oct plot.
      Tell all males about it.

      Thank you for reading Timo
      Only ❣️❣️

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