What’s it like to be good to yourself?

What’s it  like to be good to yourself?

Valentine`s day is here and I am stuck with a question, “What’s it like to be good to yourself?” Can you paint a picture?

Before you need and want someone to be good to you, are you good to you?

Do you treat you right? Do you treat you with respect?

Do you like your presence? Do you love you with all your failures,mistakes mixed with greatness?

Do you buy you gifts? Do you take yourself out on dates?

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Do you enjoy your laughter? Do you like you?

Are you patient with you? Are you kind to you?

Do you celebrate you? Do you have some Me time to rejuvenate?

Do you pray for you? Do you encourage you?

Do you buy you flowers,chocolates and everything nice you desire?

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As you celebrate Valentine’s day, I ask again, what’s it like to be good to yourself?

Paint a picture for me of this in the comment section.

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26 thoughts on “What’s it like to be good to yourself?

  1. I encourage and pray for me but i also write affirming words to me daily i post a picture with a caption of what I’d want to say to me on a particular day and yes i give me plenty of sleep because sleep is bae

  2. Nice piece. Loving self is most important. And Yes, I love me but I think I need to do more. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Thanks for this piece Racheal!! The picture i paint from this is to know how valued you are and this can only be found by knowing our creator God through Jesus Christ!!!!

  4. Now that last one of spending on meself is where I am headed. I will be taking me out more often, otherwise, the rest I do gladly. I love me 🙂

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