What would Magufuli do?

What would Magufuli do?

The president of Tanzania is trending on every social media platform and for good reasons only. A former school teacher,industrial chemist and former works minister now president of the republic of Tanzania is the epitome of preparation meets platform.

He was unknown to the world until he became the president of Tanzania by his acts  of cutting mega expenditures on independence celebrations and world aids day, channeling money to buy arvs and hospital beds.This is evidence of a man who has been preparing for presidency for a long time and he was certain his day would come and he would be ready for public revealing.

John Magufuli prepared by  studying  the system ,understanding the political environment of Tanzania, developed concepts on paper as though he was the president then. His implementation strategy  in just a few weeks in power is a testament of his readiness to  execute   the plans he made while in the waiting room.

The lesson we can learn from this man-“bull dozer” like he is nick named is set goals in life and work towards them like he did; Magufuli didn`t just wake up this year and plan to be president. He knew what he wanted and set as a goal and worked towards it every single day.

Learn to read widely about current events in your country, books, take short courses that add value to you.This prepares you for the end goal and you have a strategic game plan for your life.

Don`t let your moment of public revealing get you off guard.

2 Timothy 4:2“….be ready in season and out of season.”

2 Timothy 2:15“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”


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