What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading?

Words carry such pungent worldviews-Binyavanga Wainaina, One day I will Write About this Place. 

I love to read and I’ve been reading since I was a child. Books allow me to dream, think, have conversations with myself and the book characters.
I get lost in the book’s world created by the author and I desire to create my own world.

Today, I will share with you some of my 2019 reads that have left me with stories worth telling.
1.Manchester Happened by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

2. Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers

3. On Becoming by Toke Makinwa

4.Arrows of Rain by Okey Ndibe

5.One day I will write about this place by Wainaina Binyavanga

6.Red Dust Road by Jackie Kay

I could go on and on but I would love to hear what books have left an impression on you this year.

I challenge you to mention 5-6 books that have left an impression on you this year in the comment section ????.


20 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Ohh books became my friend last year, I used to read in my high school until the so called series happened…. Ate don’t laugh. The books I have read.
    1.Higher is waiting_Tyler Perry
    2.Becoming Michele Obama
    3.We gonna need more wine_Gabriel Union
    4.The sum will shine….
    5.Lost and found.. Sarah Jakes
    6.When Breath becomes Air
    7.Darkness to Light by Lamar Odom
    The list is still long….. Ohhh

    1. I will laugh ???????.I too watched series and reality shows for a while but went back to my books. Your list if ? ?, I will definitely add the entire collection to my list. Thank you Destiny for sharing.

      1. Oh haha. Lemme look for a synopsis.

        The novel recounts the story of an Angolan woman who locks herself into her apartment with her country on the brink of independence. She attempts to cut herself off from the external world for three decades until she meets a young boy who informs her of the radical changes which have occurred in the country in the intervening years. (wikipedia)

        1. Woooooow, this sounds like a book I would enjoy.
          That Wikipedia synopsis has me creating an end already to the story I haven’t even read yet??

          I’m so borrowing this book from you.

          Thank you for passing ❤❤

  2. I’ve 2 books that have had a remarkable impact
    1. A leader without a title by Robin Sharma
    2. Software of Sex by Ken Aringo.

    Beautiful message, everyday experiences etc

  3. Richard Warmbrund- Tortured for Christ and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement by several authors…..also The Reason for God by Tim Keller. Yah!

    But then again..those are the only books i’ve read this year. Ask me again in December

    1. Ernest owaffe? I have seen his work on Sooo Many stories blog. Let me know how that goes.

      Always a pleasure having you pass by this street Mukwano. ❤

    1. I love Brennan Manning, Read his book Abba and I was forever changed.
      How do I get my hands on The prodigal?
      You shall enjoy One day I will Write About This Place. It’s a worthy memoir.

      Thank you for sharing Fifi, I ❤ you

  4. I have read too many books this year. I should probably do a blog post on that.

    currently I am reading

    Chameleon Aura -Billy Chapata and
    Don’t settle for safe – Sarah Jakes Roberts

    in queue is Manchester Happened ?

    1. Please do a blog on that. I’m also reading don’t settle for safe ??.

      Just finished the Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma, it’s so intense, a real kinigeria. Will wait on that blog.

      Thanks for passing by.

  5. Late entry. This book I didn’t read recently but it left an impression and I enjoyed it.
    “Team of Teams” by General Stanley McChrystal
    And oh! I’m impressed with your reading list and ethic. I’m challenged too!

    1. Team of teams ,sounds like a dream team book. Keep on reading and thank you for the compliment on my reading list and ethic. Yaaay to being challenged.

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