Twenty Nineteen ??

Twenty Nineteen ??

We are 29 days into the new year. Already??!!! I feel like I am in the fast lane, so much has happened in my life in these 29 days and in the world. Look at the Riverside attack in Kenya, DRC’s elections where the opposition actually won, Andrew Kabuura and Flavia tied the knot, Bad black and her hilarious videos,Father Lokodo and his ideas…. I could go on and on.

Since we are left with just two days to the end of January, 2019. I have a few tips to help you actualize your goals or new years resolutions.

1. Set Smart goals. Smart (Specific, Measurable,Realistic and put a time line)

2. Don’t do too much. Know what you are able to do and maximize on that. Do it well in the process.

My baby sister, Joy is a make up artist. She is committed to grow her craft

3. Get an accountability partner. These are life savers. Share your goals with them and let them hold you to your word. Allow them into your space. For example; I have an AP for my health and financial goals. Things I struggled with last year and so far so good. They always ask questions on how far I have gone with my monthly plans. I set monthly goals, that way I don’t bite more than I can chew.

4. Be committed. No one will do the hard work for you. These are your goals. Go hard on them.

5. Find people who inspire you and follow them on social media.  Read their Content, ask them questions and learn all you can from them.

6. Allow yourself to dream and achieve every dream/goal you’ve set for yourself.

7. Pray for and about everything.

Enjoy 2019

What goals have you set this year?

11 thoughts on “Twenty Nineteen ??

  1. Such profound ways we can actualize our goals. Many times when on the fast lane there is a tendency to push things aside but as you said, “don’t do too much. Know what you are able to do and maximize on that. Do it well in the process.” Thanks for this

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