Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

“Potential is….dormant ability…reserved power…untapped strength…unused success…hidden talents…capped capability.”

All you can be but have not yet become …all you can do but have not yet far you can reach but have not yet reached what you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished.”…#extract from Understanding your potential -Myles Monroe

I once thought that potential is realized strength until I read Myles Monroe`s book, Understanding Potential where he highlights that potential is untapped strength. In simple terms, what you have not yet done. As opposed to what we believe that potential is what is already done.

As human beings, we are like treasure chests with lots of gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds and pearls. Every occasion forces or requires us to open the treasure chest and produce a certain kind of stone. Each stone represents untapped potential that is awaiting to be manifested, displayed.

However, for so long we have been led to believe we are worthless and possess no treasure chests. But potential is in all men and we must work day and night not to rob the world of our greatness.

Rob is such a strong word and the Oxford Advanced Learner`s Dictionary defines it as, “ to take property from a person or place illegally.” Hinge onto the source of all potential -God Himself who enables you to you utilize all potential within you.

That is how much God treasures the potential that is within you because you are a co-creator each time your treasure chest is unveiled; you show off a creative aspect of God.

Think about the great inventors of pads, bras and other undergarments for both men and women; how would the feminine world be ? for more on history of the sanitary towel ( bestowed on us their gifts.

To bestow means to present something as a gift to someone, according to Oxford Learner`s Dictionary

You have power to change the course of the automobile world, fashion world, education system. You have potential and are highly gifted. Are you bestowing on the world your gift?

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  1. Hi, I would like to get permission to use the picture of the treasure box in my children’s book. Would you please tell me how I can get permission? Thank you.

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