Taking Stock Seven

Taking Stock Seven

Making: more time for my thoughts.

Eating: All manner of things .Two days ago, I tried out this yogurt from Yogusserie and I loved it.

Drinking: Chai mukalu (black tea) with no sugar. Real mukalu? because I like it like that. 

Reading: All Louise Bay novels. Though now that March is here, I am getting off this adrenaline rush.

Wanting:To attend Royal sisterhood at Worship Harvest Naalya. Some of the speakers are Moses Mukisa, Beatrice Byemanzi & wait for it, Eunice Adubango.

Playing: Wide As the Sky, a song by Matt Redman.

Wasting: no time in pity parties.

Creating:content that makes me happy.

Wishing: for Lebanese food. As I read I am Mathob, she spoke of Lebanese food as being so delicious and how every one must try it out. Being a foodie , I put it on my to do list(recommend places in UG please)

Enjoying: reading books more than ever.

Wondering: about Zambia. I want to go there for no reason.

Loving:my reading momentum. I have read over 10 books this month alone.

Hoping: March brings me God’s very best.

Marvelling: at how we think we are insignificant simply because we are focusing on people we feel are more ‘significant’ because they have 1000 or a million plus likes on social media.

Smelling: oranges because I got the flue bug and oranges do the trick.

Wearing: my natural hair out-no braids.

Following: Sarah Jakes Roberts, this lady is on a mission and her shine gives me light to shine.

Noticing: how we reap what we sow.

Knowing: that my besties and I will meet up in March(S and V this is me saying, I’mma hunt you down???)

Bookmarking: quotes from I am Mathob by Mahtob Mahmoody (a must read for everyone)

Opening: up to memories from the past. Trying to understand them and me now. Is there a connection? ??

Giggling: about my nephew’s reactions to being denied things he wants.

Feeling:happy, extremely happy. I need to learn contentment in March.

Happy March,

Love on Love


©Racheal Kizza 2019

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    1. Hahaha! Not too well but my date enjoyed his food???. I enjoyed the meaty stuff but didn’t like the flavoring. I think next time, I shall go with my own flavors???. Thanks for reading mukwano

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