Taking Stock Six

Taking Stock Six
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Making: more time for prayer since at my church we started off the year in Season 21 (21 days of prayer and fasting).

Eating: no chapatis?.

Drinking:all manner of teas.

Reading: the Bible and meditating on Mark 11:24 all January “Therefore I say to you,whatever things you ask when you pray,believe that you receive them,and you will have them.” NKJV

Wanting: to travel to Zanzibar.

Playing: MIA.

Wasting: no time in nonconstructive talk.

Creating:content for my blog and workplace.

Wishing: I could travel every month

Enjoying: small books and audio sermons

Wondering: what February has in store for me

Loving: the way opportunities keep locating me

Hoping:for a shot at radio.

Marvelling: at how God has a sense of humor.

Smelling: Rihanna`s Nude perfume. Its so womanly and sweet.

Wearing: my hair in twists thanks to Afros n MO.

Following: Rickey Thompson on Instagram. This dude is hilarious. https://www.instagram.com/rickeythompson/

Noticing: that we all need spaces to grow and connect with other people. I attended the Uganda bloggers happy hour at De’Kabalaza. I loved it.

Knowing: that you can’t criticize what you are not doing. Period.

Bookmarking: Lisa Bevere quotes(I love her)

Feeling: happy, really happy.

Happy February,

Love on Love


©Racheal Kizza 2019

10 thoughts on “Taking Stock Six

  1. Yaay to the shot at Radio, go on lovely??
    Reading the same here, that verse am running with untiI I see it’s manifestation.

    Your happiness is infectious, tapping from this side ?
    A more happier 2 outta 12

  2. Awesome start. Great to see where you are at and love your taking stock series. Puts so much into perspective. I also love different types of teas and I am trying out different types at the moment

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