Taking Stock Four

Taking Stock Four

Making: more time for prayer. Prayer is my lifeline.

Eating: pages from my current reads(literally). 

Drinking:hibiscus tea and water.

Reading: What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey.

Wanting: more books added to my library.

Playing:catch-up with a number of people who matter.

Wasting: no time in speaking my mind. In Africa,women are raised not to speak up but I`m choosing to defy this and make my thoughts known.

Creating:my world.

Wishing: Worship Harvest Kibuye #LoveHasCome concert gets here sooner.

Enjoying:real and mature conversations with my girlfriends.

Wondering:why people are so mean on the internet.

Loving:how God reminds me that I am on the right path.

Hoping:for Muganzirwaza hall to be full to the brim on 13th December.

Marvelling: at how,half the people I follow on Instagram are into radio,TV,mentoring,Emceeing & hosting. Aaah!!purpose.

Smelling: a new scent a friend gave me.

Wearing: light clothing because the current weather demands it

Following: Billy Chapata. This man speaks my mind and feelings.

Noticing: how I have grown to love photography. I have a new hobby y’all??

Knowing: that the festive season is going to be lit

Bookmarking: quotes from Billy Chapata.

Opening: up to myself. Learning to be vulnerable with me.Allowing my self to understand me, my pain, my worries, my feelings.They matter.

Giggling: at my two nephews. They are my bundle of joy.My heart is full❤️❤️

Feeling:all grown up. What does this even mean?

Happy December,

Love on Love


©Racheal Kizza 2018

8 thoughts on “Taking Stock Four

  1. Blessed month ahead of you. It’s remarkable to notice that you became photogenic lately.
    May God’s abundant loving-kindness and favors go before you always.

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