Taking Stock 54

Taking Stock 54

I don`t know about you but on my end September was fast paced. I had to intentionally create moments to breathe and rest. I made beautiful memories.

I had my first book review appear in a newspaper-The Daily Monitor. I am privileged to have worked with one of Uganda`s finest editors, Carol Beyanga to produce a review that I am proud of. The author, Martha Kyoshaba Twinamatsiko thanked me profusely for a job well done. I highly recommend her memoir, Widows Wear Lipstick.

Let`s dive into my September update:

Making: time to attend the fitness boot camp daily. My body feels lighter. I am stronger. I absolutely love it!

Eating: muesli and yoghurt. Best breakfast combo ever!!

Drinking: eucalyptus tea.

Reading:  A Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna and Call and Response: Stories by Gothataone Moeng.

Wanting: money, a car, a scholarship and a body that can work itself out without my input.

Wasting: no time on God`s children. Because human beings have proven to be hectic. LOL!

Wishing: for a money-filled birthday.

Wondering: about my birthday.

Hoping: for a thrilling October.

Marvelling: at how God answers our prayers. My friends` prayers have been answered in awestriking ways.

Smelling: fresh opportunities.

Wearing: wide legged pants. I wish I owned them in all colours.

Following: no one in particular. Can you tell that I am tired?

Noticing: how self awareness is a good trait but it requires putting in the work which can be frustrating.

Knowing: that the year will end and we will stop worrying about 2023.

Bookmarking: quotes from books I am reading.

Feeling: some type of way that I can`t describe.

Song dedication: Ability by Kohen Jaycee.

May you walk in liberty in October.

Cheers to new beginnings.


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