Taking Stock 49

Taking Stock 49

You owe your dreams your courage– Koleka Potuma

I have been mulling over this quote I found in Troy Onyango`s header profile on Twitter. April has been good to me. I have been reminded of the need to push boundaries for the sake of my dreams. I had some pleasant conversations and day dreaming sessions.

Let`s dive into my April update:

Making: time to walk. The joy of walking and getting my endorphins for the day.

Eating: chapati. My eating patterns have been off with all the changes I have had to embrace.

Drinking: tea and water.

Reading: Mighty Angwech and Other Stories by Christine Butegwa, Even When Your Voice Shakes by Ruby Yayro Goka. I am currently reading Remembering The Future: Reflections on Ugandan Culture in Changing Times (2023), an anthology of essays edited by Christopher Conte with Hilda Twongyeirwe. It will be available on May 26th 2023. Follow my bookstagram for more.

Listening: to my Meet Your Author 2022 podcast episodes. I am leaning into myself: loving my voice after 1000 edits and reruns. haha!

Wanting: money, travel and more time. This will forever be consistent.

Wasting: no time. Every minute/second counts.

Wishing: for ease and abundance.

Wondering: about adulting and the endless decision making process. I had to visit a dentistry after a tooth wreaked havoc in my mouth and body.

Hoping: for a life full of abundance, love, good health and positive vibes.

Marvelling: at how much work goes into achieving dreams.

Smelling: a series of body sprays and perfumes I have stocked.

Wearing: my hair in dreadlocks, Nouba 46 lipstick and lipgloss.

Following: bookstagrammers.

Noticing: that storms will come but can you stand the rain? (Anyone know the song this line is adapted from?)

Knowing: that God does change.

Bookmarking: excerpts from the books I`m reading.

Feeling: grateful for the work I am doing in this season.

Song dedication: Yesu Wastahili by Boaz Danken. What a beautiful song!!

May you not labour in vain in May.

Happy new month!!

Cheers to new beginnings. ❤❤

Manifesting beautiful tote bags from Emolot come May & June.

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