We are two months into 2022 but it feels like we have been here forever. With everything happening in the world: Russia and Ukraine, racism during the war, Uganda and Muhoozi, and suicide deaths among celebrities. What is going on?

I must say my February has been teetering between good and not so good. But in it all, God reminded me of a simple fact: the value of friendship. I have the most amazing friends. With 1001 things going on in my life and theirs, my friends showed concern in big and small ways. They sent me food packages, money, prayers, bought me meals, and mentioned my name in influential spaces. They cared and shared their resources with me. I am forever grateful.

Here is my February wrap-up;

Making: time to pray, walk, work out, blog and read. Praying, walking and reading are activities that cost you nothing but give you so much.

Eating: Irish potatoes and pumpkin. Agatha of Happy Plates shared a pumpkin soup recipe with me. And I have been souping all month. It`s one of my favourite soups at the moment.

Drinking: tea with sweet and spicy herbs; rosemary, kisubi leaves, cardamom.

Reading: A Bigger Picture by Vanessa Nakate, Nearly All the Men in Lagos Are Mad by Damilare Kuku, The World is Ours by Lucy Chihande which will be published on 24th April 2022. (Look out for it. It is a captivating read), You had me at Hola by Alexis Dara, A lot like Adios by Alexis Dara, Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela(Book club pick).

Wanting: things to fall into place with ease.

Wasting: no time in saying yes to enjoyments. This is the year of Yes.🤣

Wishing: for travel to experience book festivals this year.

Wondering: about the church in Ukraine; about how believers and non-believers live their lives.

Hoping: to create content consistently.              

Marvelling: at how social media is a powerful tool in our time. What a time to be alive! Also, the value of adult friendships. I have the  most amazing and supportive friends in the world. I appreciate you all.

Smelling: Lady Bella`s Cherry Blossom body mist. A sweet smell!

Wearing: my hair in dreads.

Following: bookstagrammers. The community is wide. Comment with bookstagrammers I should follow asap.

Noticing: how no one can dream for you. You have to dream and get up to chase that dream. No one can and will do it for you.

Knowing: that God is faithful. He never leaves His people without help.

Bookmarking: excerpts from the books I`m reading.

Feeling: excited about March. I am expectant for the good things God has in store for me.

Song dedication:Keep Praying (feat. Doe Jones & Ryan Ofei) off Maverick City`s Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition (2021).

I learnt a simple truth in February, adult friendships demand vulnerability. As you step into March, may you choose to be vulnerable with your trusted friends.

Happy New month!

How was your February?

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11 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK 35

  1. No-one can dream for you and no-one can chase your dreams for you indeed! Well said! May you attend all those Book Seminars and Conferences you want to this year friend, especially the Outside Countries ones!

  2. Wondering about the christians and non christians in Ukraine💜💜💜 Amen to book festivals..as for adult friendships you are right on. They demand more vulnerability and honestly surrendered to God just and thankful for those in my life. Nice pic . May march be beautiful to you.

    1. Thank you Connie. And yes adult friendships also demand surrendering to God. You cannot go through life without Him. Have a glorified March.

  3. Amen to all the seminars and conferences Ray, may you receive ease of access to them all. I love love the white and cuteness in the pic. Yes to things falling into place with ease this March.

  4. Knowing that God’s love is with us each and everyday. What an assurance!

    Song dedication – Wonderful Your Name by Ap. Mo. It’s on replay lately

    Matching March Ray 🧚‍♀️

  5. Lovely, praying all your dreams come to pass!

    I learnt a simple truth in February, adult friendships demand vulnerability. As you step into March, may you choose to be vulnerable with your trusted friends. – pinned! So true!

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