Taking stock Two

Taking stock Two
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Making: more time for prayer. Yes, I love to pray. I have found myself running to my Father more. I find peace,love ,joy,comfort ,wisdom for the next hour.

Eating: muesli. I ensure my breakfast is lit and healthy.

Drinking:Lots of mukwano tea. Every time is tea time. My workplace has a steady supply of tea.As a tea lover, I am grateful.

Reading:Dreams From my Father by Barack Obama. I feel like a boss lady flipping the pages; being inspired by the First black president of the United States.

Wanting:To travel to Rwanda and Tanzania. I just want to get away and be in a foreign country,walk in the woods, smile at strangers,eat foreign food. I just want to be away. Anybody feeling this way??

Playing:Videos by Caleb & Kelsey, this duo is amazing.They literally mash up any song and do it so well. https://tinyurl.com/yb46pgdl

Wasting:no time in making power moves. I am excited to be conquering my fears each day.

Creating:content for my blog and a few social media pages I manage. This has set me on a creative path beyond my wildest dreams. I am enjoying it everyday.

Wishing:I had all the money in the world to solve my friend`s problems as well as my own. If you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?

Enjoying:Reading and creating content. My creative juices are flowing and its exciting.

Wondering:What`s next for Uganda with Hon. Kyagulanyi giving the president and government at large sleepless nights.

Loving:My new job. Yes,I am currently working with African Writers Trust. I am loving everything about new my job.

Hoping:for opportunities to make wealth. I must manifest the wealth and abundance of my Father in Heaven.

Marvelling: at how God strategically places us .He is a mighty God.A God of strategy and tactic.

Smelling:Fresh air. My workplace is in a serene environment and the air is fresh and the atmosphere is perfect for work,reading,creating .What more could I ask for?

Wearing:my natural hair in a protective style. I don’t know what it’s called,but my sister Ronnet created it(not sure from where) and the other sister,Joy executed??.I am just glad I don’t have to think about my hair for a week or two.

Following: Amina Abdi Rabar (https://www.instagram.com/amina_kenya/) on Instagram. She is a mum, wife,singer,TV host on the trend and /Radio host on capital FM Kenya,MC. She is literally on every stage right now hosting this and that. I am inspired by her power moves.

Noticing:two things .(1).the signs of rain God is sending my way. I am literally excited for the downpour.Can you see the signs of rain in your situation right now? (2).There is space for each one of us in the world,go ahead and be great.

Knowing: Anyone can get back up from anything,be it scandal,loss of a parent,job,marriage. Ask Tiger Woods.

Bookmarking:Pearls for her,Uganda( https://www.pearlsforherug.com/). This site has amazing content that is real and so Ugandan yet at the same time,international. Makes sense?

Opening:up to the idea of having a photo shoot. I am toying with the idea. I am also open to the idea of adding a professional flair to my blog,turn it into a rachealkizza.com or No Ordinary Scribbles.com(Whatchu think?Help me decide on this)

Giggling: at Bebe Cool. This guy is interesting.He seems unruffled by the public lash he is getting for supporting the president. He is standing for something at least,right? What are you standing for?Who are you standing with?

Feeling:Fed up with how we treat church as a social club. It’s a place where the lost get found.The sick meet the physician.The broken are covered not exposed. The wounded are healed and restored. Purpose flourishes and LOVE conquers all things,believes all things.

Happy October.

Love on Love.


8 thoughts on “Taking stock Two

    1. hahahaha. am glad. I definitely suggest you try the stock taking. It is very therapeutic and helps you count your blessings.

      what`s your take on my turning the blog to a .com -rachealkizza.com or No ordinary scribbles.com?

  1. Yeeeeey….. Love what’s going on here….. No ordinary scribes. Com is my bet. I think I said I was gonna try this but clearly procrastinated….. See my life

  2. Caleb &Kelsey .. couple goals
    Wanting to travel & doing a photo shoot tooo

    Following :you closely , I need to know who to be with in this downpour of rain coming our way ??

    1. yaaay. found a dream mate.

      I want to be like caleb & Kelsey some day.hehehe.

      On the rain down pour.following you closely.

      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate. Enjoy October

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