Taking Stock 18

Taking Stock 18

Making: time to REST. July has been a busy month with unending deadlines and I have had to be intentional about resting.

Eating: boiled maize. I love boiled maize and will have it for breakfast at any given opportunity.

Drinking: water because water is life.

Reading: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. This book is a museum of words, a book that you have to keep going back to in order not to miss anything. It is written brilliantly and explores themes that Indians would rather keep quiet about.

Wanting: leave from work and a staycation or travel away from Kampala.

Wasting: no time in acquiring knowledge for the current season of my life.

Wishing: for a staycation or travel away from Kampala.

Wondering: about my August.

Hoping: for a beautiful August filled with money creating moments, love, good writing, good food and a staycation.

Marvelling: at UG content creators. You are brave for showing up every day and sharing with us your creativity.

Smelling: Eternity Moments by Calvin Klein. This perfume gives me a mood lift each time I use it.

Wearing: jeans and hweza tees. I will never tire of this combo.

Following: Maverick City. These guys have a new sound on the scene. It is so beautiful.

Noticing: that God has made everything beautiful in its time. The pieces of my puzzle are falling into place.

Knowing: that God has made everything beautiful in its time.

Bookmarking: quotes from the books I am reading.

Feeling: tired but hopeful. Makes sense?

Today, I leave you with Most Beautiful/So in Love by Maverick City featuring Chandler Moore.

May you remember that God is your Father. He is your friend and keep communication lines with Him open this August.

Happy New month!!

Love on Love


10 thoughts on “Taking Stock 18

    1. I bet that song is on everyones playlist at the moment. I cant get enough of it. Amen to the rest. Thank you for passing by J.

  1. Me too for that staycation?? beautiful taking stock, you gal the maize here is not sweet so I haven’t had it in a while. Hope you find the rest dear, i know the beauty in there.

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