Taking Stock 11

Taking Stock 11

Making: Plans. I’m a planner to the dot and I love it.

Eating: nothing special in particular.

Drinking: lots of rosemary tea.

Reading: Travelers by Helon Habila .Ps. He will be at Writivism from August,15th-August,18th at the National theatre.

Wanting: to scream and longing for  a gateaway .

Playing: music and sermons all day. My earphones have been loyal.??

Wasting:no time on negative people in my life & social timelines.

Creating: time to read.

Wishing: for quick results in everything

Enjoying : books and more books. I have read 7 books this month???

Wondering: why my sort of personality won’t allow me to be quiet in a corner when I get into a place. ????

Loving: spiritual things.

Hoping:for a shift

Marvelling: at spiritual things.

Smelling: mum’s body spray -cherry blossom

Wearing:my natural hair out

Following: Rabbi Daniel Malinga. His fellowship happens every Friday at 6:00pm at Silver Springs hotel, Bugolobi. He is a teacher of the word and I’m happy to learn from him always.

Noticing:how my natural hair is loving the Nissi hair products.

Knowing: that you can’t criticize what you’re not doing. Period.

Bookmarking: a particular quote from a friend, “Trust God with people and their processes. ”

Feeling: I can’t put it into words.

Shift in August,

Love on Love


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10 thoughts on “Taking Stock 11

  1. Enjoying

    You have read 7 books this month-wow

    Wondering: why my sort of personality won’t allow me to be quiet in a corner when I get into a place. – same story in my world…

    Some inspiration from your stock 11

    1. Yes, seven books, hehehe. It’s possible, I’ve opened me up to read more each time I get. I even put the phone away deliberately.

      Glad you have received some inspiration from here. Thanks for passing by??

  2. Girl, I love your enjoyment levels, inspires me to catch up. But I love the energy around you, no to keeping quiet ??..
    Well done enjoying the rose mary tea, I read about its benefits for hair, a must try.

    1. Kisoboka my dear Winnie, even if it’s a page or five a day. The book can get finished.
      In our busyness, we gotta create time for a book or two.
      Hope you catch up soon.

      Thanks for sending ? ? my way

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