Taking Stock Ten

Taking Stock Ten


Making: budgets ,blogs and plans.

Eating: muesli and fruits.

Drinking: water &yogurt.

Reading: the book of Daniel & One Day I will Write about this Place by Wainaina Binyavanga.

Wanting: to travel by plane

Playing: writing games that I invented.

Wasting: no cash.

Creating: time to attend events that will add value to me.

Wishing: I could own lots of pairs of boots.

Enjoying: conversations with my friends on money, business, role of social media in business.

Wondering: why fear always gets the best of us????

Loving: flowers

Hoping:for a flower garden

Marvelling: at how God keeps coming through

Smelling: nothing in particular

Wearing:my new pair of flat boots because this weather is for boots

Following: Sarah Jakes Roberts & Flavia K. Tumusiime

Noticing:how my natural hair has grown longer after keeping it braided for three months.

Knowing: that you can’t criticize what you’re not doing. Period.

Bookmarking: a particular quote from a friend, “Trust God with people and their processes. “

Feeling: liberated.


Fly in July

Love on Love


©RachealKizza 2019

15 thoughts on “Taking Stock Ten

  1. “Trust God with people and their processes” very worthy of a bookmark. Always great catching up with you via taking stock. Fly higher this July dear Ray??

    1. Indeed, I plan to make it an actual book mark in print. Thanks for always stopping by to catch up. I plan to fly highest ?.thanks for stopping by

  2. I like how you want to fly by plane and also how God comes through all the time.. We are together on Flavia K Tumusiime, everytime I watch her YouTube videos, I speak like her??

    1. Hehe I gotta dream it and it shall come to pass before we close 2019.looool on talking like her. You have the right influence, keep on??.thank you for passing by

    2. Oh BTW Flavia together with Pearls For Her (follow them on IG) have a limitless breakfast this Saturday at Paliv spices in bugolobi at 50k starts at 9am.

    1. Yaay, we are kindred spirits. Hope I haven’t seen your blog posts. Please notify me once they pop up and head over the site and read. Thanks for passing by

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