Taking stock One

Taking stock One

Hey hey, September is upon us.
I finally got around to taking stock. The first time I saw it was on chocolaty prints https://tinyurl.com/y8om3kkvand then on Sharon Mundia’s bloghttps://tinyurl.com/yd642h3j .Check out both blogs,they are amazing.

Here goes my very first….

Making: Tough decisions,that are big and bold. They are definitely scaring me but hey,I am doing it afraid.

Eating: Muesli.It is the perfect breakfast plan. It has Oats, sunflower and sesame seeds, coconut,nuts and raisins. It’s filling,low on calories and gluten free. I have it with strawberry yogurt or milk.

Drinking: Lots of water.I have no skin care routine ,hydration is the way to go.???

Reading: David & Goliath by Malcolm GladWell. An amazing book, about underdogs,misfits and the art of battling Giants.

Wanting:To travel.I want to lay in a hammock ,cover my face with a big pink hat,sip on some coconut juice.

Playing: Promise keeper by Israel Houghton and Travis Greene .Off Israel’s new album -Road To DeMaskUs.

Wasting: no time in self pity.It leaves you feeling sad, negative,and depressed.In such a state,you can’t celebrate other people’s wins.

Creating: More time to create content for the blog,read and engage in business.

Wishing:I didn’t fear anything.

Enjoying:my thoughts.??

Wondering:about my life. Growing up is handwork.

Loving:Hearing my mother pray.This is a sound I could listen to all day.A praying mother is everything.

Hoping:for things to get better.

Marvelling: at God’s goodness.I see Him at work ,lifting people up to high places.

Smelling:Splendor by Elizabeth Arden.This perfume smells of the boss life.

Wearing:heels again.yaaaay!!! Exactly a year after my boda accident.My leg has healed and back to normal.Thank you Jesus.

Following: Malaika Nyanzi,a media personality in Uganda.I respect her hustle. Anyone who knows her,I want to meet her.??

Noticing:People power.#FreeBobi couldn’t be ignored by the world and our government as well.

Knowing:that not all people will appreciate what they have.

Bookmarking: Worship Wreck blog articles.https://marykamau.com

Opening: up to the idea of having my hair in permanent dreads.I wanted to do this at 30 but I feel like I am ready.hehehe

Giggling:at people’s status updates.

Feeling: Hopeful about September.I am all for new beginnings.

Happy New month my people.

Sending you blessings galore .

27 thoughts on “Taking stock One

  1. Rachel those are wonderful thoughts. I feel like I’ve caught up with everything going on with you in one seating. Plus I’m feeling a little inspired to take stock in writing since I abandoned my blog for months?

    1. Oh am Soo glad and true indeed, the stock taking summarized me up .hehehe.I definitely encourage you to do your own and pick up on your writing. I am waiting.hehehe.

  2. I like the stock taking hihiiii. Oh and the natural dreads, can’t wait to see the new look. Am in the same phase, the 20’s are a weird age group. I wake up, look at my hair and am like God!, what do I do with these black proteins now.
    Great September my dear.

  3. Plus plus plus on worship wreckage!
    Plus plus plus on hearing mum pray!
    I mean, all the pluses in all the world for this amazing post Racheal!
    Well done!

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