Staycation: Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park

Staycation: Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park

One of the best things about getting older is getting older with great friends. Friends you know are in your corner. My friends are the BEST. I know they love me and would do anything for me-well not anything because I wouldn`t want them to die for me. Jesus did that already🤣🤣🤣

Over the years, I`ve had the privilege of visiting places, restaurants and attending concerts and other fun related activities with my friends. We like to give ourselves the soft and luxurious lifestyle because WHY NOT? 

We recently visited a Forest Park with strikingly beautiful cottages –named after African leaders- with traditional woodsy vibes, unending pine trees and blue skies.

Vicks outside Mathai cottage

I first saw the Forest Park on Tulambule Uganda and I knew we had to visit it. It is perfect for a staycation because you don`t have to travel for hours like you do when going upcountry. 

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park is located in Kira off Bulindo road, Kitukutwe Trading Centre. It’s quite easy to access. I advise you to visit the place during the day or before nightfall. Since we travelled there between 9 pm and 10pm, we missed the final turn but thank God for the good nature of our people, they led us back to it. 

We checked into Nyungu Yamawe for our staycation and the fun began. We had booked into Mathai (named after Wangari Mathai), a cottage which can accommodate three people. We talked into the wee hours of the morning. This was our night to rejuvenate, catch up on our busy lives, swap music, share who we are following on Instagram (Mapeti has online relatives🤣🤣), what YouTube channel we should check out, what series to watch and everything that can be talked about. 

The next morning, we had a simple but filling breakfast in bed. They have a restaurant area but we preferred breakfast in bed. The breakfast was made of fried eggs and potato wedges with African and black tea.

The day began on a high note with the sun kissing all the cottages and pine trees giving off beautiful vibes. We took turns taking a shower. The water was running and the water heater was working perfectly. 

Mapeti in front of one of the most beautiful walls at Nyungu.

We later went down to the Forest Park, sat down for a chat, ordered lunch of pork and fries and sat down on woodsy furniture surrounded by pine trees. 

Being a public holiday, people were thronging the place. The day held promise of what to expect at night.  

The beauty about Nyungu Yamawe is you can spend a day there with your girlfriends or group of friends. It is spacious and unlimited. You can carry your own games and have fun while ordering food and drinks.

I mean???? Vicks is a model in the making.

The downside to our visit

The service was slow and this was not surprising since a friend who had previously stayed at the park had given us a heads-up. I hope the service is improved. 

Miscommunication. Vicky and I had visited Nyungu Yamawe in the first quarter of the year to establish its location. While there, we met a lady (manager then) and she is the one we were in touch with in May. Since she wasn`t there, she gave us a contact of a person who would help us upon arrival. But the person too wasn`t there and we did a back and forth on phone until the new manager came to our rescue. He checked us into our room.

Visit their website for bookings and any other inquiries.

PS; Photos of our breakfast and lunch are missing because we didn`t take any😂😂.

Images courtesy: The girls in the photos😂

Creative Director: Mapeti😂

Disclaimer: We visited Nyungu Ya Mawe in May and the article was written between May and April before the lockdown shenanigans.

210 thoughts on “Staycation: Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park

  1. Nyungu ya mawe is inviting on its own ,dope scenery marked under to go places …

    Thanks for the personal review & kalango

    1. Yaay someone who has visited the place. whoop whoop! And the trees are everything. Thanks for the beauty compliments.

    1. Gurrrrrrrl, Im with you on Vickss pants. If she were my size, I would be owning them right now😂😂

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