Wedding Tales One:Speeches at Weddings

Wedding Tales One:Speeches at Weddings

I have attended so many weddings between 2015-2018 sometimes as a brides maids and other times as a support system??. If there is such a thing??

One thing that always bothered me were the speeches.What should be included in the speeches??We have speeches from friends,employers,siblings,parents and the couple aka “bagole.” Usually, people give embarrassing stories that speak of the bride/groom`s sex escapades, devious ways,health conditions, diet issues which have no place at the wedding in my opinion.

I was honored to give a speech at my friend’s wedding.For months ,I wondered what to say.I wanted to give funny stories about her,not embarrassing ones though.I believe the aim is not to embarrass but to show her strengths and fun side.

I settled for stories that described and affirmed Agatha.Filled the speech with prophetic declarations over her and her hubby.

I have known Agatha for 13 years and wish her nothing but God’s best. Speech was over within 5 minutes or less. hahaha!!!The siblings and parents speeches definitely affirmed her character.

I loved the theme of the speeches and I believe that all speeches at weddings should be nothing short of that.

Have you given a speech at a wedding before,what did you say?

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12 thoughts on “Wedding Tales One:Speeches at Weddings

  1. Speaking of the years btwn 2015 to date…..there are so many weddings indeed….eeehh!!!! I gave a speech at a friend’s wedding but dont seem to remember what i said but it was all about who she is and the beauty about her.

      1. I believe affirming ones character and prophetic declarations is the way to go. The three times I have been asked to speak I concentrate on those two areas with creativity

  2. Should be to affirm and not embarrass. Some things are not even worth saying on that day. But for real if you have nothing to say, don’t say it. Just leave the stage

    1. I totally agree with you. My mum once told me about a wedding where the parents of the gal started talking about her bad teeth condition,how they always removed her teeth while growing up??,like what was the point

  3. Kiiza,
    Am fortunate to have had many chances at speaking at friends marriages, weddings,kwanjula…
    My focus has always been re-affirming the beauty of the marriage institution and how to keep in it when “cracks develop”
    My core message has always been “give time it’s due” when your “the house begins to leak”

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