Safety In the Shadows

Safety In the Shadows

Ever been haunted by shadows ?Shadow simply refers to a  dark area or shape made by an object blocking rays of light.We all come face to face with shadows that are only known to us; shadows like siblings, certain family members, that A class student in your class, no marriage , death of a loved one and that near death experience.Each shadow simply reflects our fears and insecurities;harbors a darkness that has power to hold us hostage for years .

Growing up ,I lived in the shadow of the cross mark on my nose; it ate at me like a prisoner stuck with rats for lunch. It defined and labelled me like Jesus on the cross, that on meeting me it was unforgettable. I wanted to just die literally and at one time contemplated plastic surgery just to have it off my nose.It killed every flowery idea that flourished within me and reminded me that i was just a shadow and not worthy of light-it simply made me opaque…..

I came to the realization, that no job, marriage, friends, storeyed house, car  can  beat the shadows that we run away from except God.I trust He is able to heal us from pain we experience while living in the shadows.

The Psalmist in chapter 17:8 says, “Hide me under the shadow of Your wings..”.(NKJV)

The verse highlights a new perspective to the shadows, it denotes comfort, safety, love, freedom, joy, peace, rest , blossoming and fruitfulness.Safety in the shadows sounds like a  bad joke since many have experienced pain, felt uncertainty and fear pulling at your very own soul, heard screams that alarmed none other than yourself.

There is safety under the shadow of our Father`s wings ; let us run to Him and not from Him.He loves and promises protection because He neither sleeps nor slumbers.

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