Reflections #2: Rewarding Yourself

Reflections #2: Rewarding Yourself

I walked into Endiro Coffee, a restaurant at Kisementi and ordered for a ‘light meal’ , grilled chicken wrap with avocado, more veggies with sweet chilli sauce and a pack of fruits infused with pineapple, water melon, yellow bananas on a random Thursday afternoon.

I walked with a dance, skip back  to Goethe-Zentrum Kampala where I had a meeting at 2.00 pm. I was in high spirits. I felt a joy deep in my belly.

I had had a busy February and had finally rewarded myself with good food (hi to all foodies) for achieving my goals. The genesis of my reward system dates back to 2019,though then I was never consistent or deliberate. I began the practice to motivate myself, to eliminate the excuses.

I make it a point to reward myself for succeeding at things. For example In January I set a goal of learning how to drive. I signed up for driving school in February and off I went into navigating Kampala roads with all the traffic, boda bodas and more drama that a road user should not be accustomed to for the sake of her mental health. I celebrated this milestone through that food package from Endiro Coffee.

I am already eyeing a handbag and travel tote bags from Emolot for my next rewarding session. The brand has the most thoughtful tote bags. As a traveller, they will come in handy for the days I want to have an organised suitcase. Thus is the motivation I need to achieve my second quarter goals.

Image Courtesy: Emolot

I love gifts and buying them for myself is a tradition I have maintained. Why reward myself one may ask: Because it gives me immense joy, allows me to pause and go down the gratitude lane and it encourages me to be committed to self. I have lkearned over the years that no one will achieve my goals for me. I must put in place measures and systems to walk into the goals I desire.

Remember this process does not have to be strenuous. The gifts can range from monetary to non-monetary. Monetary gifts could include taking walks, more sleeping time, personal reflection time and journalling, watching Netflix series you have put off in the name of I have no time. Staring at sunrises and sunsets. I have made it a habit to capture sunrises each morning. These non-monetary gifts permit me to appreciate the simple things in life, things I take for granted.

Monetary gifts range from buying chocolates or snacks you like; books, clothes, planned travel, perfumes, shower gels, handbags, getting your nails done, and whatever else says, “`I am proud of you.”

Image Courtesy: Emolot

How do you reward yourself? How often do you do it?

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