Put a P in it

Put a P in it

October  has generously swung its doors wide open for me already and I have coined a theme,“Living expectantly.” BECAUSE I AM….

I had a meeting with two amazing ladies(Vicks as I call her and Anitah), amazing writers that have graced this earth in our generation. The meet up was centered on a project we are collaborating on in the writing sphere.

So Anita suggested a visit to the museum *silence* since I personally hadn`t been inside the museum in years. Vicks and I were not up for the idea as there is nothing much to see and write about in our Uganda museum . However, there is something Anita said that for a moment had my mind working on this very piece.

“Go through the museum with a new perspective-a mature perspective, you just might find inspiration.’’

All you need is to put a P in it-Perspective ; which simply means,“ a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.’’

This October set out to put a P in every situation. Have a new perspective on life, your friends, job,Uganda and Africa at large. This will hep us delve into opportunities other than shying away , restore and mend friendships just by seeing things from  different lens.

Don`t get me wrong, this doesn`t mean you forget your principles ,in any case carry them with you however just see things from a different perspective-you will learn something.

Look and live through October with a new perspective and I believe it will be a great month for you.

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