My Ugandan Story Series

My Ugandan Story Series

Uganda celebrated 58 years of independence from the British colonial government on Friday, 9th October 2020. Let it be known that I have only experienced one president in all my 28 years of living. But that’s not why we are here today. I am here to tell you some stories about Uganda through a series I have called “My Ugandan Story.”

I love telling stories, hearing them as well as reading them. Therefore it was no brainer that I decided to celebrate Uganda through storytelling. I reached out to a couple of bloggers and asked them to tell their Ugandan story along with different aspects of life ranging from food, the creative economy, literary scene, tourism, sports, finance, health, and fitness.

For the next few days, expect to walk down memory lane, see life through another Ugandan`s eyes, experience joy and laughter as we celebrate Uganda in words. Tighten your seat belt, grab some popcorn or a snack of your choice, and get your phone/laptop charged because it is going to be hot.

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