Do you have a skincare routine? Is a question that many women are quizzed with and if you are like me, half the time you do not have an answer. Except for the occasional smiling and saying oh, I simply use water and oil. Or shaking your head from side to side, saying, I do not have one.

I have found it quite perplexing to find a skincare routine over the years with all the products on the market. I always wondered: How do you know what works for your skin type? What is your skin type anyway-oily, dry or combination? How do you get the right products that agree with your skin type?

Have you experienced this confusion when it comes to skincare? I have until November 2022. My Kenyan sister, Maggie asked about my skincare routine a few hours after my arrival at my second home.

`I don`t have one.’ I responded with no clue where the conversation was headed.

`Do you know your skin type? Is it oily, dry, in between?’ she probed further.

`Oily, I think.’ I added without conviction. (I have oily skin.)

That short cross-examination led to her sharing various products to use on my skin for the duration of my stay. Later we purchased products I would carry home to continue with my enlightened lifestyle.

Step 1: Facial Wash

Maggie donated her L`oreal Paris Revitalift Aufpolsterndes Waschgel from Germany. Wet the face, smear a pea size to the face and neck, rub it in and leave it for a few minutes. Wash the face with cold water.

Step 2: Toner

I use Alison`s Rosewater toner for the face and neck. It is enriched with glycerine to soften the skin. The toner removes the remaining facial dirt and leaves your face smooth and clean.

Source: Google

Step 3: Serum

I use the Garnier Even and Matte Vitamin C Anti marks Booster serum which does wonders for my skin. You apply a few drops and apply to your skin and neck. It has evened out my skin and reduced the dark spots. However, it didn`t work for two of my friends and they had to discontinue use.

Step 4: Day cream

I use the L`oreal triple active (multi-protection moisturiser DAY). It hydrates, protects and illuminates. I assure you my face is illuminated especially my forehead. (pun intended). It is good for both normal and combination skin.

Step 5: Sunscreen

I use Aveeno with SPF (Sun protection factor) 30. It is a daily moisturizer. It helps prevent sunburn and decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin ageing caused by the sun.

I had a friend purchase it for me from the USA since in Ug it’s quite costly. My skin is agreeing with it. And with the fiery sun, since the year began, it is a must-have.

For my night routine, I follow a similar step but eliminate the day cream and sunscreen and replace them with Night cream.

I use Aveeno intensive night cream with total soy complex and Vitamin B.  I also purchased it from the USA. It helps reduce the look of dark spots, uneven skin tone and texture.

Facial Scrub

That is not all, Maggie also advised me to scrub my face at least once a week. I was introduced to Coffee sea salt bath Whitening SPA Scrub. It smells delicious and is easy on the face with its soft, velvety feel. It exfoliates the dead ageing skin to soften, remove and purify it; removes dirt and impurities, filling the skin with a smooth and supple texture.

I scrub my face twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. And when I am done, I follow my night routine and sleep with a baby face.

Full body moisturizer

I use Perle Spring moisturizing body cream by Maggie. It’s great for all skin types and guarantees skin softness. Overall, hydrate. hydrate. hydrate!!

Her moisturizing body cream is available in various scents: Ylang Ylang and patchouli, Rose and Sandalwood, Vanilla and bergamot, Coffee and grapefruit, vanilla and sweet scotch and more. Follow the page on Instagram

This is my basic skincare routine which I follow religiously. It worked for me on the first trial but this might not be the case for most people. But I hope it guides you as you navigate the daunting world of skincare.

What does your skincare routine comprise?

5 thoughts on “MY SKINCARE ROUTINE 101

    1. Thank you for reading, Nyadoi. I bought the products from different places and the prices in Uganda also vary according to who is selling. My pricelist will mislead you. However, I advise that you go out with the names of the products and search Ug cosmetic shops.

  1. Love your blogs, as always; though I never comment. I have had skin issues for the better part of life and have used various products. However I wish you had included some ‘local’ alternatives. The biggest nightmare is to have a product working so well for you and its almost done and somehow it’s out of stock, or for some reason can’t have it delivered. This is a reality for most us living on the continent!

    1. Thank you for reading always. That is a wonderful insight. The issues raised are valid and there is the issue of price. My serum recently got depleted and the prices in Ug are way beyond what I bought it at in Nairobi. So right now I am not using a serum and the skin acted up for a few days and now is back to normal. I have sadly not tried any local products for my skincare routine and wouldn`t be in a position to recommend any. As mentioned, a friend has helped me navigate this journey.

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