My 2 cents

My 2 cents

Is it  trendy to set new year`s resolutions?Radio stations in Uganda have been buzzing with this same topic since the start of the new year with some people saying its useless and others testifying of its importance.

Thanks to Uganda blogging community( ),I get to pen my thoughts on the hottest topic before the Kadarshians or Kanye trend all over again.

Resolutions refer to firm decisions to do or not do something and the synonyms of this very word are intention,resolve, firm,aim and plan.

Before last year, I thought setting resolutions was a waste of time because I never remembered any that I set by the second month .This always started my frustration journey with no compass.

However, last year I was part of a mentoring program( NGMP )where one of the books we had to read was Goal setting 101 by Gary Ryan Blair and this changed my perspective on setting resolutions and goals. See how;

  • Gary Ryan Blair believes in setting goals in the 10 crucial life dimensions; family, health, finance, household, spiritual, recreation, career,personal,community and friends.This strategy gave my life balance and priority since the 10 dimensions cover what we live for on a daily basis, what we spend our money and time on.
  • For resolutions or goals to be achieved , they must be SMART (specific,measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound). SMART goals reveal your resolve ,plan, intention of achieving certain things in your life. For example I set short term goals ,where I plan for each month instead of an entire year.With this, I grow with my goals and realistically keep tabs on them.
  • I constantly cross check in my diary to see how far I have gone in the achievement academy.This is what I call self evaluation, where I hold myself accountable because I am responsible for my set goals.At the end of January,I will evaluate myself based on goals set and I find out what was achieved and what wasn’t, the ones I didn’t achieve I push them to February as I reset new goals for the month.
  • Commit your plans to God and He will establish them as quoted in Proverbs 16:3.This old adage will never go out of season.

I did this last year and it worked for me and this year the cycle continues with a renewed strength ,perspective and wisdom.
Make 2017 count because you are responsible for your growth and success.

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Racheal Kizza © 2017

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      1. I think it’s important to take an inventory of one’s life and set some goals for the next year to improve oneself. They should be practical and smart as you stated or they will never be achieved.

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