Extraordinaire 1:The Mutano story

Extraordinaire 1:The Mutano story

Who is Shiellah A. Muhumuza?

SM: I am a 24 year old creative, with a passion for God, fashion, and solving problems. Currently the lead designer at Mutano-an accessory line that deals in a wide range of hair accessories, necklaces,earrings,bags for both men and women, bow ties.

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Why the name Mutano?

SM: Mutano comes from a rukiga word, `ekyomutano’ meaning something unique and the name perfectly represents the brand.

I desired to create products that were unique with both western and local influences since I have experienced both worlds.

Mutano`s story

SM: I started making things like earrings, bracelets and simple headbands in 2013 in my first holiday break. I was pursuing a business computing course at Uganda Christian University (UCU).Friends loved my simple things and they encouraged me to grow it into full scale business hence the birth to Mutano in June, 2015.

I started with a sewing machine my parents had given me and a little pocket money from my school days to kick-start off Mutano in 2015. The products I made in 2013 were not with a machine but just my hands.

What is Unique about Mutano?

SM: We engage in social entrepreneurship. My mum has a school –Nyamiramah Christian School in Kanungu district where kids pay subsidized fees. Mutano gives a percentage from every product sold to the school, to support the children.

What is your Typical day like?

SM: My days are divided into 3; Workshop, delivery and shopping days.

So on either of those days, I get up and have devotions, cup of tea and then go to work from 10am.

Mutano is future plans.

SM: Mutano `s vision is to mentor and empower young women to save, have practical skills alongside business skills. Giving back in my mum`s school is one step in the right direction. Mutano will be employing ladies to work on the day to day running of the business as they are empowered.

What do you do for fun?

SM: I am a foodie so I explore restaurants, watch movies and hang out with friends. Live bands are a must attend for me.

Advise for young people

SM: Do what you love to do-nothing is too small. When you start a business ,build your business skills.

Social media links.

Facebook: @Mutano

Instagram: @Mutanoug

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14 thoughts on “Extraordinaire 1:The Mutano story

  1. Lovely interview Rachel. Powerful and encouraging story. I love your creativity Ray. Allow me to borrow a leaf for my next blog. I was having serious writer’s block!

  2. I want me some of those cute things Sheila. As for you Racheal, you inspire me.
    Am glad to call you two incredible ladies my friends.
    Lots of love

  3. This is awesome, I know sheila as an OG and church member.

    Am inspired. Thanks Racheal

    Angella N B Business Director

  4. Finally got to meet her yesterday at a talk she was giving at the Design Garage. Had to come back here and look for this post 😀
    She’s lovely!

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