Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Girls are constantly reminded that a mirror is a must-have in your bag, room, restrooms, and everywhere else. The mirror is major job is to reflect images and that has never changed. As I watched snow white and the huntsman, the evil queen`s mirror sparked off this piece.

I loved the classic snow white and the 7 dwarfs story and my young mind could not comprehend her beauty. What sort of beauty was this that made her top the queen`s list of most wanted people? I wonder who Elle or Marie Claire magazine would compare Snow white too among the Hollywood celebrities or even our own Ugandan celebrities? I know many girls today would kill to be on the evil queen`s list with a tagline, ``wanted for being more beautiful than the queen.'*loool* 

The current remake of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs is “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Forget the fact that the huntsman is  Chris Hemsworth; the movie is quite thrilling and had me hooked and here is why…..
The evil queen has a mirror and constantly asks the mirror just one question.
“mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?”

The mirror always said, “you, my queen are the fairest of them all ” queen is obsessed with her beauty that she believed no one should be fairer than her as if that is even possible, with the tagline that the beautiful ones are not yet born, hehehe. The queen was cursed to be this way-vanity just like the book of Ecclesiastes says. On one occasion, the mirror told her another is fairer than her, the evil queen decided in her heart to kill snow white.

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Many of us like the evil queen are constantly probing and seeking validation from mirrors in our lives. Mirrors are just a representation of people, achievements, careers, marriages, education, sense of style, etc that validate us. We attach identity to them yet they are perishable and when they don`t fill that emptiness, we feel lost and empty.

The need to be validated by people, social media, academic papers, marriage, etc can be frustrating and leaves one with a void. Our validation should come from the holy book as we flip each page. It reflects our true self to us as we behold our maker. The holy book is the only mirror that reflects your true self back at you. It seeks to reveal you to who you are-who your maker says you and not what Aunt Lala or John says you are.

Behold the word of God each day, let it transform you as it reveals you to who you are without frustrating you. It fills you and covers your emptiness. Delve deeper into the word and watch you meet you because a mirror reflects you.

There is no way around growing and functioning in your identity apart from God. Go deeper each day.

Which mirror are you viewing yourself through today?

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