A woman-Dr.Eunice Adubango I love and respect has been publishing a women’s devotional for the last eight years. The ninth edition is already out and selling like ice cream. It’s that sweet and irresistible. I kid you not!

Dr. Eunice Adubango is a mother of three boys, wife to Brand Adubango. She is a trained civil engineer with a doctorate. She has lectured at Makerere University for 13 years. Her life purpose is to mentor women and young people which she does under her brands: Eunie`s Kitchen, Eunie`s Culinary Institute and Talitha Kitchenware store.

C/O Dr.Eunice Adubango

I first encountered the In Relentless Pursuit devotional in 2016. I got myself a copy and upon opening it, I noticed that each Sunday Dr.Adubango shared a recipe. I immediately fell in love with it. Most devotionals I had previously encountered (by Ps. Chris Oyakilome, and other men and women of God) didn’t have recipes. Obviously! Everyone is different and extra in their own way. The recipe bit was Dr.Adubango`s extra ingredient and I loved it.

My 2016 copy which introduced me to the In Relentless Pursuit devotional

I remember attempting some of the recipes. I made rainbow rice for Christmas lunch in 2019. The recipes had ingredients I could get in a Ugandan market as well as supermarkets. Unlike those ones I used to see on the internet and wonder what they are and where they could possibly be sold in Uganda. I got to learn about red and yellow peppers. Only green pepper was popular at home and still is except on the days mum is eating healthy.

I also remember being fascinated by Dr.Adubango. There was/is something about her. Having been in a church and around churches, I had not encountered a woman who spoke the way she spoke. She was/is a firebrand. I was stirred up and wanted more of her. You must understand that back then, there were few `women preachers’. They have grown in number over the years. As one who understands her call to young women, this inspiration was everything. When I heard about the devotional, I secured a copy immediately. I was not disappointed. 

I envy Dr.Adubango`s relationship with God. Hahaha!! It is clear that God is her friend. Their relationship has an aura of intimacy. Because of what I see, I am inspired to hunger for more. Want more from God. Through her devotionals, I have learnt that you can have it all in God. She is a gifted writer, restaurateur, songwriter, mother, wife, life and business coach. She is doing it all and thriving. This overtime has given me hope and freedom to allow myself to walk in all that God has put on the inside of me without thinking I am doing too much.

Last year, I created a Whatsapp group with two friends-Fifi and Jeanne to hold ourselves accountable as we journeyed through the devotional. (There is room for more if you want to join us). We would share insights from each day. It was beautiful. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable on days the devotional had opened old wounds. We spoke life.  We prophesied into each other`s lives. We celebrated each other on our day out with a meal and exchanged gifts. We promised to honour our parents during the festive season and had to share our experiences. We had prayers on zoom. What a year with In Relentless Pursuit 2021!

We have maintained our group and we are already discussing the January aspect of the devotional. It’s exciting to learn alongside these ladies and Dr.Adubango in the new year.

In Relentless Pursuit is no ordinary devotional. You have an opportunity to draw from Dr.Adubango`s wealth of practical wisdom on marriage, business, parenting, prayer, cooking, friendship, financial management, and life in general.

Through the devotional, you see a woman who has done and is still doing things by the grace of God. She is not afraid to share her mistakes so we can learn from them. The devotional gives a balanced perspective of one woman`s life experiences.

Above all, the devotional will push you on a relentless (constant, continuous, persistent, never-ending) pursuit of God. There is more and God is willing to pour out more. Dr.Adubango is living proof of God’s endless outpouring.

In Relentless Pursuit devotional is guaranteed to feed your spirit, soul and body. I highly recommend it.

The devotional is available at all Eunie`s Kitchen restaurants in Mukono, Kasangati and Bweyogerere at UGX 50,000. It is also available at Aristoc Uganda. 

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    1. It’s her balanced perspectives for me on all aspects of life. Yes 2021 ‘In relentless pursuit’ was 🔥🔥. Looking forward to 2022. Thanks Ray for these highlights.

    1. Totally!! She makes everything so relatable and the word comes alive. Thanks Dave for passing by my corner of the world.

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