I Almost Forgot

I Almost Forgot

After a week of going through a number of  raging emotions ; at what has been going wrong and how God has been out to get me since the year started.I came to the conclusion that God was against me and not for me (i let life get to me instead of letting my Father get to it and on top of it).

I am not insane nor have i stopped believing in my God and Father; however , lately i have been overwhelmed with life and felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.I chose to focus on the negatives in my life and ignored the positives.
I almost forgot all my Father has done for me over the years (we are quick to forget, aren`t we? )

I almost forgot how healthy , i am and that the only “sickness” i have claimed to have over the years has been flu -which in my opinion is never serious.

I almost forgot that i am not blind but i can read , write, blog and still do more reading.

I almost forgot that i have family and friends who love me dearly and will move mountains for me.

I almost forgot how i have gone through the years and NEVER lacked a single thing.

I almost forgot the beauty of life;the rising and setting of the sun which  brings glory that like a blanket covers the sky, revealing the majesty of God.

I almost forgot all the good things God has ever done for me and will continue to do for me.

Learn to count your blessings,one by one each day because through them you know, God is for you and not against you. You are reminded that you are the APPLE of His eyes(Zechariah 2:8).


Hebrews 13:8“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today ,and forever.”

Isaiah 43: 1“Fear not , for I have redeemed you;

                   I have called you by your  name;

                   You are Mine,

                   When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;

                   And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you,

                    When you walk through the fire,you shall not be burned,

                     Nor shall the flame scorch you.”

  God is for you , and not against you.God is constant and will never change .Be encouraged as you go through life and let Jesus take the wheel.


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