Guest Blog: What To Expect In The Year 2023

Guest Blog: What To Expect In The Year 2023

By Shadray

The sexiest male actor right now; Tom Cruise is coming back on the big screen on July 13th in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning pt. 1 with the biggest stunt in cinema history and definitely that is going to break everything in the box office.

Despite having massive racist inspired dislikes on its YouTube trailer, I expect The Little Mermaid, played by a beautiful, young black actress; Halle Bailey to be a huge success. However, I expect people’s curiosity to push them to the cinemas come 26th May. I may not watch it as I am not a fan of mermaids and musicals but after that trailer hitting me some typa way, I am sure it will be very enjoyable so I expect and wish the best for it.

John Wick: Chapter 4 dropped and people already on the way to making it one of the biggest movies of the year. Why? People just love Keanu Reeves especially for his simplicity and generosity.  

Transformers with Rise of the Beasts is coming back on June 9th. The depth of Optimus Prime’s voice is mad and since man just loves machines, we are going to extend that love to Fast Furious. (I think Subaru drivers will be the most excited about this one). They have run so many numbers now they’ve turned to letters with the release of Furious X coming out on 19th May. People have complained that the franchise is too much, that it needs to stop but still, cinemas are going to be full for this one. The stunts always drive people wild.

Sounds like a funny name but if you watch the trailer of Sisu, you will take back your laughter and put it on your watch list. It brings everything violent with it. I hope you had marked 28th April on your calendar.

My man Liam Hemsworth is coming back in Extraction Two (16th June) and I pray it is as good as the blockbuster part one.

I am also looking forward to Kandahar (Gerald Butler/ May 26th), Indiana Jones & The Dial Of Destiny (June 30th), I can never watch Shazam (March 17th) and Dead Pool (September 6th) because I find them silly. I find them trying too much to be funny it doesn’t come off naturally. I like Ryan Reynolds when he’s being funny in other movies but in Dead Pool, it’s like he tries too much. Just like Halloween kills, that Scream franchise needs to be retired. I don’t know what to think of DC Comics’ Blue Beetle because it looks like something out of Marvel and I haven’t been good with following Marvel’s series(August 18th)but I will try with it, miss me on that Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3 (May 5th), The Flash (June 16th), Mario Bros (April 5th), Ghosted is definitely going to be a bang because Chris Evans is being hilarious in it, Citadel will be fire as it promises espionage, action and drama. I am gonna laugh out loud with No Hard Feelings which drops on June 23rd, while Elemental, an animation (June 16th) will give me that laze.

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What movies are you looking forward to watching this year?

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