Fiona Kemi Membership

Fiona Kemi Membership

Ladies have you been struggling with your hair? Are you tired of hearing hair regime and you have no clue what that is? Are you ready to create a hair regimen that works for your hair? Tired of watching youtube video after another with minimal results?I have good hair news today.

Fiona Kemi a natural hair enthusiast and YouTuber has opened up the Fiona Kemi Membership. It is here to make all your hair goals come to life. Read on for all the details………..

The Fiona Kemi Membership is a personal hair care and lifestyle service that helps you find necessary hair tools, products and design a customised hair care regimen to help you grow healthy, long hair. 

“Our hair is a crown we never take off”

My deep appreciation for this fact, in many ways led to my love of hair care and appreciation of identity. Through years of research, endless experimenting and content creation on natural hair, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I now share through this membership. 

That said, The Fiona Kemi membership is not only about hair. Our hope is to create a community of like- minded people not only growing healthy hair but also supporting one another through peer learning, common interest initiatives and championing social and economic causes that are collectively important to us to grow as holistic members of this group.

No one has just one facet. I love hair but it is not all I love. I love people. I love supporting others. The platforms I have created over the past couple of years put me in a unique position to uplift others; other creatives, other businesses and other professionals… That is why we have created a segment in our membership called ‘Boss sesh’ where we highlight one of our members’ professional endeavors. What they do, why they do it and ultimately how we can support them.

You could say our vision is centered on an all-round glow up. Inside and out.

Our Services

Hair Consultation 

  • Hair Care Regimen Design (40 minute 1 on 1 Virtual session with Fiona Kemi ) Have you been natural for a few months or years and still cannot figure out how to get your hair to thrive? This well rounded session is for you. It is designed to help you choose suitable products, identify mistakes, practical ways to fix them and design a long term hair care regimen.


  • For the newbies (40 minute 1 on 1 Virtual session with Fiona Kemi) Have you just done the big chop? Are you transitioning from relaxed to natural? Clueless about where on earth to start? Breathe.This is session is designed to help you understand your basic hair characteristics, needs, suitable products (so you don’t buy 1 million unnecessary things. We’ve been there) and learn how to care for your hair in a way that suits your lifestyle.


  • 20 minute Follow-up
    We care about your progress and would like to ensure your new regimen is sustainable. 2-3 weeks post 1 on 1 session, you may have some more questions or need some advice on new developments, regimen tweaks or really anything at all you feel you need.

Note- Monthly subscription includes One Virtual 1 on 1 Session and One 20 minute Follow up session.

Exclusive Hair care Content and Expert advice
  As a member, you have access to our Private Instagram Group where we provide the following;

1. ‘Expert Sesh’. A video segment where we discuss the topic of the month with an industry expert.

2. Instagram Live session with the expert where you can get all your questions answered and chat with us.

3. ‘Boss Sesh’ A segment where we feature one of you, our members,  to tell us about your job, business or hustle. We want to support you! 

4. You’ll receive our biweekly newsletter with all our Tips, tricks, updates and dibs on all our upcoming services and products (Best believe we are working on some mad discounts)

How this works

 1. Send an email to us at stating your preferred consultation date, time and contact number.

2. We will email you within 24 hours to confirm date and time. 

3. Pay Ugx 200,000 via MTN Momo 
Dial  *165*3#
Merchant Code 316190      

4. Fill this Questionnaire to help us understand your current hair situation.

 5. We will send you an email with your Zoom meeting login details.

 6. Using your personalized Zoom details, log in on the confirmed date for your session.

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