Faces from My Ugandan Story Series

Faces from My Ugandan Story Series

My Ugandan Story Series came to a close yesterday and I had the honour of hosting 11 amazing bloggers. Each blogger shared their story about Uganda giving the series diversity. Stories ranged from fashion, sports, food, tourism, to literature, and so much more.

Today`s blog is dedicated to the eleven bloggers who shared their magic and words on my blog. Thank you for honouring my invitation and telling your stories on my corner of the internet.Thank you for making my blog look good😂.

Meet the bloggers (and be sure to give them your money, writing gigs, speaking engagement gigs and so much more);

  1. Mable Amuron started of the series with the Power of Ugandan Words.

Mable Amuron is a multi-talented award-winning creative with a passion for the written word. She’s a writer, editor, poet, and reader.
She enjoys watching words become something coherent and something that can entertain, inform, and inspire. Her poetry has appeared in two anthologies and she runs blogs https://amuron.com/

2.  4foodssakeeat.com talked about kasoli aka maize.

Forfood’s sake eat is a Ugandan food website that explores and celebrates the beauty of food. Subscribe by email to keep up with posts; follow on Instagram and Facebook for the latest photos and updates. 

3. Catherine Wanzala a Ugandan living in the US shared about the food she misses from Uganda.

Catherine is passionate about using her words both spoken and written to touch the world around her. She lives in Minnesota home to over 10,000 lakes (11,842 but who is counting? Lol) and uses her blog to bring hope through her experiences and journey. Find more on her blog at https://catherinewanzi.wordpress.com/

4. Awat Lynette showed us the five hangout places one must visit when in Uganda.

Awat Lynette is a blogger and computer science graduate. She is passionate about photography and journalism. This passion pushed her to start a blog and a YouTube channel that focus on and highlight some real life experiences as well as space and travel reviews.

5. David Kangye paused a question “What is the shape of your Uganda?”

Kangye is a digital publisher at Akira Digital. Pass by the David Kangye blog

6. Justine Nuwamanya gave us the history of millet bread which she believes is food that unities Ugandans.

Justine Nuwamanya is a blogger, philanthropist, and a Business Administration graduate who is committed to helping people and systems perform better. She enjoys reading, photography, listening to music, watching soccer, and rugby. Link to her blog

7. Patsy Mugabi spilled five gems to help you achieve financial freedom.

Mugabi Patsy is a Personal Finance Blogger & Femme Money Moves Ambassador. A powerhouse dedicated to empowering millennials in achieving their financial freedom by slaying bad debt and making their money meet purpose through budgeting, saving, and investing systems. She currently runs a blog and a Youtube channel which avails life-changing financial education for the millennials across her social media.

8. Patricia Opio praised Abaana ba Uganda for their creativity.

Patricia Opio is a multi-passionate creative purposepreneur, designer and storyteller. Her mission is to inspire and empower women, creatives and brands to embrace their stories to unlock their creative potential to design authentic and purpose-driven digital brands.
She is the Founder and Creative Director of This is Me!,a digital platform that takes on the role of bringing her mission to life. She loves color and all things creative! 

9. Pearly Gasha celebrated the heritage of the Pearl of Africa.

2019’s award winning blogger for World Bank’s annual Blog for Development competition, Pearly is passionate about writing, reading and networking. She has practiced Communications since 2016, actively doing Digital Marketing and offering PR advice to various clients. Check out her blog here.

 10. Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu shared the history and future of rugby in Uganda.

Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu of the Benjamin WATCH blog. The blog is a receiver of the highest Endorsement honor from Afro Bloggers. A rugby player for Kyambogo Rugby in the central league.

11. Atwiine Lyn ended the series with Lights, Cameras, and fabulosity of the fashion industry in Uganda.

Atwiine Lyn is a writer and editor for Satisfashion UG, and when she isn’t telling fashion stories, she is advocating for full acceptance of natural hair on her blog 4c Mami which recently expanded to include a YouTube page of the same name.

Social media:

Instagram: @atwiin3


Pinterest: @atwiin3

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