Dear Sister

Dear Sister

Learning is a continuous journey.

Learning a skill that you are not familiar with is rough.  I would know with having watched you learn, master, and work your magic with a brush and make-up.  You are good at this thing! Thank you for constantly catering to my hair and make-up needs.  You are the mobile salon I never had.

I have noticed that this new skill leaves you feeling inadequate, disheartened, and discouraged. I see the look of fear in your eyes. It breaks my heart.

Learning a new skill or trade can be heart-wrenching since you are in murky and unfamiliar territory. You want everything to be perfect. But you forget that when starting out you are bound to make mistakes, get emotionally bruised when criticized, or be asked to repeat till you get it right.

Whatever the case, it is challenging, tiring, annoying, and leaves you feeling sorry for yourself. But that’s just the start of the journey!  Enjoy the ups and downs. Growth comes from experiences, attitudes, thought patterns. Trust the process.

There is light in your darkness. I know the uncertainty every day presents is killing you but you are making progress. I am proud of you for giving it a try.

My dear, trust the process. Don’t try to quicken it or shorten it; savour it Be happy to make mistakes.  Mistakes do not make you stupid or incapable, but simply guide you on your journey.  Always remember you are human and not immune to making mistakes.

Keep learning and soaring.  The sky is never the limit.

PS:  To all my African sisters, enjoy your own learning curve and be the best at it. Sharpen your skillset and never be afraid to try. The world needs you.

The sister😂 She did her own makeup in this shoot.


I wrote this letter to my sister Joy back in 2017. I am not sure if I shared it with her though.😂 She had launched her Makeup business AJ Beauty Glam, providing women with makeup and hairstyling services. This move heightened her insecurities. She worried about every client`s reaction to her services. But I am happy to report that after a few years of running the business, she is thriving and so is the business.

The article first appeared on Teakisi in 2017.

6 thoughts on “Dear Sister

  1. Millennials don’t even know that there is a process. We are so hard on ourselves which brings about insecurities that result in many things. We need to talk about these things more. This letter is to every one of us trying out new things

    1. Millennials dont even know that there is a process.” wow. I have never thought about it this way. And yes, we need to have these conversations often. I hate that I am so hard on myself half the time😭😭😭 Like when does it stop?

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