Day 8 of #BOTY2019: Meal/Food/Cuisine

Day 8 of #BOTY2019: Meal/Food/Cuisine

I am a foodie-a person with a particular interest in food. An adventurous foodie who always tries out new dishes and her stomach goes unharmed.

This year ,I tried out the shawarma and I was disappointed. I felt the spices were undecided and no one wants to eat food that has indecisive spices-at least not me. Ugandan spices are very distinct and straight to the point.

I had a girls night out with one of my best friends at Torino Bar and Restaurant in Kololo (Kampala-Uganda). I ordered for  sizzling Chinese pork and potato wedges ,while she ordered for chicken biryani. The food was mouth watering.The potato wedges had been dipped in sweet cream-my guess,because they were sweet and extra.The chicken biryani was to die for and had huge pieces of chicken-Christmas came early. The band played ballads to soothe our souls and  got us swaying as we enjoyed our meal and conversation.

Potato wedges,chicken biryani but sizzling pork is MIA

Are you an adventurous foodie like myself? What`s been your favorite meal this year?

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