Day 6 of #BOTY2019: Album

Day 6 of #BOTY2019: Album

What is an album?

According to Collins dictionary,An album is a collection of songs that is available for download, or as a CD or record. You can also refer to the CD or record as an album.

On that note, the award goes to;

Long Live Love -Kirk Franklin

This man is a musical genius and this album speaks and shows that off . The lyrical content is rich,the instrumentals and melodies are to die for. I love every song and I`ve had the album on replay since I got it.

How can it be that you love the most unlovable part of me, of me?
How could you see your life was the only gift I’ll ever need to be free?
It’s amazing with you, I win even if I lose
Everything’s working for my good for always
He saved the day
He will come through
He won’t doubt, that’s not what super heroes do (Hallelujah)
No greater love makes my heart beat
All I wanna do is make you proud of me (that’s why)
-Love Theory
Sanyu by Sanyu
Sanyu is one of the best albums I`ve listened to this year. Every song has a story to tell and my favorite off the album is Beauty but again,I like all the 10 songs. She has mad vocal strength. If you love India Arie, like me,you will love everything about Sanyu.
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Share with me your best album this year. 

6 thoughts on “Day 6 of #BOTY2019: Album

  1. Banange I want to get my hands on that Sanyu album. And just yesterday I was discussing with someone about Kirk Franklin’s musical prowess. And we did that song last year Love theory. …

    1. How do I get you a copy of my sanyu album ??.Kirk Franklin made me love and appreciate gospel music at a whole new level.
      I wish there was a video of you guys doing Love Theory.
      Thanks for being here ?❤

  2. My Album is Love on the Cross by Dr. Tumi
    He explained so many facets of love – the encouragement to be great, God’s open arms always and the great sacrifice of death for my sin.

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