Day 5 of #BOTY2019:Song

Day 5 of #BOTY2019:Song

“Where words leave off,music begins”-Heinrich Heine,was a German poet, writer and literary critic.

Music puts into words emotions,experiences,drama and adds spice,rhythm,tunes,melodies and gives you harmonies,stability and the `I know what your going through feel.`’

My best song this year has been Goodness of God by Bethel music.

All my life you have been faithful

All my life you have been so, so good

With every breath that I am able,

I will sing of the goodness of God

I have seen the goodness of God over and over in 2019.He has held my hand through the good and the bad and this song painted this journey so well.

I have my playlist full of favorite songs but this has been my anthem.

What has been your IT song this year? Share in the comment section.


9 thoughts on “Day 5 of #BOTY2019:Song

  1. I have two categories;
    Gospel song; African Medley by Tye Tribbet, the drums on there are craaazy. I would want to get out of my body and dance in Nigerian accent.

    Love song: Ntaba Ezikude by Simmy & Sun El Musician.
    I am having a blast with your BOTY posts.

    1. I loooovvveeee the African medley by Tye Tribbet. It’s beautiful and I get dancing all the time when I listen to it.

      I’m going to look for love song.

      I’m so glad you are having a blast with my BOTY posts. I’m also having a blast relpying to you??????

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