Day 4 of #BOTY2019

Day 4 of #BOTY2019

As a lover of books,I will spend time pouring over a good book. I love fiction-a good story created by a genius. Although,this is true,there are non fiction books that will not be ignored.Here is one a friend recommended.

Strength of Character by Joseph Kabuleta

We all need character to survive in this world. The author spoke to my heart,gave me reasons to understand why people (and myself included) do what they do. He also gives the hows to grow character ,esteem and so much more.He shares from his personal life experiences and adds a biblical perspective to each topic,which is the icing on the cake.

Strength of character

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What non fiction book have you read this year that deserves a mention? I need to grow my list of non fiction books.

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  1. Am skeptical about this book, the reasons are still very personal. That said, am glad to know he has the book out there.

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