Day 24 of #BOTY2019: Christmas Spirit: Best Gift Ideas

Day 24 of #BOTY2019: Christmas Spirit: Best Gift Ideas

Books are my favorite gifts to give and receive-Okey Ndibe

Here is my list of gift ideas;

  1. Books
  2. Perfume
  3. Shoes -sneakers,heels and everything along these lines.
  4. Gift hampers with a bottle of wine and whatever else they add to this equation.
  5. An envelope with cash.( Hi Santa,I want this one too)
  6. House shopping
  7. Paying bills

PS; I listed ideas of things that I would want to get.hehehe!!

Add your best gift idea to my list.

10 thoughts on “Day 24 of #BOTY2019: Christmas Spirit: Best Gift Ideas

  1. >I want matching diaries color coded to blend with my blog colours
    > a nice writing instrument to write in said diary
    >A subscription for unlimited internet
    >a powerbank with a bottomless battery
    >> a pile of money

    1. Amen,amen. Me too,I like gifts that I can out to use right away. I read a book by Ann Voskamp where she said sometimes ,some gifts are not yours but for others,you’re just a keeper .

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