Day 23 of #BOTY2019: Online personalities that changed your year

Day 23 of #BOTY2019: Online personalities that changed your year

Day 23,woow!! To be honest,I have wanted to give up since day 20. This challenge has stretched me so tight.

Here are the personalities that I have enjoyed following.

1. Flavia K. Tumusiime

This chic is a power house. I love her because she knows what she wants and goes for it. Her YouTube channel is a breath of fresh air. Follow her YouTube channel and see what I`m talking about.

2. Billy Chapata

I follow Billy on twitter (@billychapata) and love all his tweets. His writing is soul deep.

Billy Chapata is a Zimbabwean writer, author, and creative based in Atlanta, Georgia. Billy’s work aims to touch on the concepts of love, healing, connections and growth, through poetry, storytelling and narrative.

3. Noeline Kirabo 

This lady is unapologetic about what she wants in life. No goal is too small. I love her and I`m honored to call her friend.

4. Afro bloggers

I follow them on twitter @afrobloggers. They formed the #BOTY2019 challenge and I can`t believe I have made it this far. These are the online friends I need in 2020, my writing will thrive.

Share with me your online personalities that you learnt something from,or people whose content you appreciate.

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