Day 21 of #BOTY2019: The Compliment that made your year

Day 21 of #BOTY2019: The Compliment that made your year

A compliment according to is a polite expression of praise or admiration.

My mum’s compliment tops the list. When I paid for my sister’s school trip to Queen Elizabeth National park in November, my mum called me and said, “webale kunzara. ” The direct meaning among the banyoro is thank you for giving birth to me. It’s an expression people use to show their gratitude, when someone has come through in a big way like only a mother can. So my mother gave me the biggest compliment ever. I can never repay her for being my mother. My small acts of being a good daughter ?? are simply just that-small acts.“Thank you for shocking me on my wedding. “ – a certain friend.(I shocked her in a good way).I couldn’t attend her wedding when I found out she was getting married. I purchased a gift and asked a mutual friend to deliver it on D-day. When I finally met her, she told me she knew I had her at heart even though I couldn’t physically be there. I felt all sorts of feelings ??.

Another friend once told me, she’s jealous of my love for others or the way I love people. I must be loving people some type of way, to get this compliment????.

What praise have you received this year?

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