Day 20 of #BOTY2019 :Fashion/style trend

Day 20 of #BOTY2019 :Fashion/style trend

A fashion trend according to  is a particular style, or clothing popular at a certain point of time or a particular period of time.

I wore whatever I was comfortable with this year. I`m a t-shirt ,jeans and sneakers kinda girl. I have a pair of boots I bought in Nairobi a while back and it has come in handy in this ever changing Kampala weather.

I also have a liking for jumpsuits and dungarees,I own a couple of them.I hope in 2020 the fashionistas will invent jumpsuits and dungarees that are easy to take off once in the rest rooms,because the current ones are a nightmare.



What was your favorite fashion trend this year?


2 thoughts on “Day 20 of #BOTY2019 :Fashion/style trend

  1. I loved the high thigh slit dresses on the fashion block. Some people really rocked this trend, I was here supporting. Jeans also came in very handy for me and I became attached ??

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