Day 18 of #BOTY2019: Travel experience(Place you went)

Day 18 of #BOTY2019: Travel experience(Place you went)

Kutambula kulaba is a common phrase coined by baganda whose literal translation is to travel is to see or traveling is seeing. hehehe!!

When you travel you see the other side of life,how people live,experience different cultures,eat food that might not exist where you come from. There`s so much learning that happens when one travels.

This year, my friends and I planned a trip to Fort Portal,which according to Wikipedia is a designated “Tourism city of Uganda”, located in the Western Region of the country. It is the seat of both Kabarole District and the Toro Kingdom.We visited the female and male hot springs-they are so hot that they let you boil an egg and you take it for eating later. We visited Amabere ga Nyinamwiru caves-these caves are shaped inform of nipples, Toro Palace-they have a king though we didn`t find him there,various waterfalls and so much more. The land is beautiful,the people are hospitable and the weather is perfect. Add it to your 2020 bucket list,already.

Which places did you travel too this year that you loved-they could be places in your country or outside your country? Share in the comment section.

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  1. Wowza, I have a friend who makes you want to go to Fort asap with her pictures. Awesome, this year I went to Arua and to the boarder of Arua and DR. Congo. It was a fresh experience for me being away from Masaka road.

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