Day 15 of #BOTY2019: Person You Met

Day 15 of #BOTY2019: Person You Met

We are on day 15 and I`m celebrating coming this far in the #BOTY2019 challenge by keeping it short.

I reconnected with Peace ,a friend from high school at a hospital where my mother was admitted. She is a nurse ,not at the hospital,but the nursing school of the hospital. I was looking for certain things my mum needed when we met. She offered to give them to me like it was nothing. I was elated and speechless at the same time. Peace went a step further to come and check on my mum. She will definitely make the best of nurses.

The other person is K. The humor and sarcasm K has is for the Commonwealth. lool!! PS;K if you see this,ignore it and drink your coffee.

I`m excited to read in the comment section who made it to your best person you met in 2019 list.



4 thoughts on “Day 15 of #BOTY2019: Person You Met

  1. I met a couple of bloggers in real life that I have only known from the internet and one day I hope to have coffee with each and everyone of the people who stop by my blog … A bucket list of sorts

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