Day 14 of #BOTY2019: Blog post

Day 14 of #BOTY2019: Blog post

The blogshere is full of creatives who are blogging about their travels,food,fashion and beauty,lifestyle, and so much more. I get to learn and be inspired from Uganda.How cool is that? With that said,here are some of my favorite blog posts from 2019;

Blog post: Pregnancy; A journey of Myriad discoveries.

Cynthia gives us a peak into her pregnancy journey. I loved this article because its bold and unashamed. I love how Cynthia connects sex ,pregnancy with God,giving us a full view of how great God is. The bible verses and the encouragement hints are an icing to an already tasty cake. Here is a link to the article-

Blog post 2: If I Were A boy

This is a blog series by Josephyina. I love it because I love stores and she gives me this each year.She releases a chapter  of  If I Were A Boy  series each week and we are now on chapter 19,read on and tell me what you think.

Blog post 3: The Tall Ghost

I love everything Bikozulu writes. For today,I have chosen The Tall Ghost .If you like and understand sarcasm,Biko Zulu is your guy.

From my own writing,its got to be my birthday blog These lessons reveal different seasons of my life. Seasons which have stories which birthed the lessons.

Please share with me blog posts you`ve read and loved. I will be sure to check them out.


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