Day 13 of #BOTY2019: Lesson learned

Day 13 of #BOTY2019: Lesson learned

I have come to believe that there are lessons laced in every person,situation, and whatever we go through. The lesson could be good or bad. Question for you the reader,are there bad lessons?

This year in November,I turned 28,such a big number. I blogged about my lessons here-

From that blog, my biggest lesson,turned mantra is ,Don`t criticize what you aren`t  doing and can`t do. Appreciate the fact that someone woke up and did their thing. Hope you are doing yours too.

I`m curious to know what lessons 2019 has offered you. Please share in the comment section.

13 thoughts on “Day 13 of #BOTY2019: Lesson learned

  1. My lesson was all good things come from God.
    It humbled me and brought calmness in many ways as someone who likes to split hairs about a lot of things.

  2. Keep showing up for you don’t know what your next will be. I have had quite interesting ‘first times’ this year and the stretch was quite uncomfortable but I needed it to grow.

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