Day 12 of #BOTY2019: Achievement

Day 12 of #BOTY2019: Achievement

Achievement is defined as a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage.

This year,I embarked on offsetting certain bills at home. My mother was happy about it and so was I. I believe in Uganda,this is a sign of maturity. I have paid those bills with effort,skill and courage (Pun intended).This definitely is my biggest achievement. I have desired to do it for a long time and to be able to do it,is everything.One of the service providers,named me best customer. LOOL!!

I colored my hair.Yes,its an achievement in my self care goals.

I attended a content creation workshop by Kahill Insights– a Christian based boutique Content Development and Marketing company with a freelance project-based business model. As an online content creation distribution agency that uses influencers for online marketing.

The last achievement goes to my being consistent with #BOTY2019 challenge. We are on day 12 and I`m still blogging. Wow,just wow!

Share some of your 2019 achievements with me. I celebrate you already.You`ve come this far. Congratulations.

10 thoughts on “Day 12 of #BOTY2019: Achievement

  1. Congratulations!! Some achievements; I did acrylic nails this year for my first time and dared to baby step into content creation, am loving the journey so far. Also I like your BOTY posts so far, about to catch up on the earlier ones.

    1. Thank you Anita. Congrats on the acrylic nails,hope you are enjoying them. Welcome to the content creation world.
      Thank you for reading up on my #BOTY2019 ppostsI hope you can jump on this ship too.

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