CURATED EVENTS TO ATTEND IN KAMPALA with bae (September & October 2022)

CURATED EVENTS TO ATTEND IN KAMPALA with bae (September & October 2022)

Dating in Uganda is synonymous with food and restaurants! (Let me know what it’s like in your country.) Through conversations with friends and strangers, I always wondered about other things that couples can do for fun or simply to chill.

Today I share about the aspect of attending events together. Not just church events. Think comedy, music, drama, poetry, and book launches.

One of my besties believes in the power of doing things together. She always invites me to cool events and I return the favour all the time. During those moments, we catch up, laugh, and counsel each other while having fun and building memories.

I believe in practicality. Here is a list of events that are happening in September and October that you and your bae can partake of. They are guaranteed to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Still Blossoming book launch by IBUA

Ibua is a publishing journal that has embarked on launching some of its writers this year. On Saturday 24th September 2022 IBUA will be publishing Still Blossoming by Michelle Ivy Alwedo at MOTIV.

Christ Fun Comedy presents The Big show

I love a good laugh sandwiched with Jesus jokes, a live band and good food. Christ Fun Comedy should be fun.


The first and only themed amateur live storytelling night in Kampala. I love this space for the rawness it brings to storytelling. People share astounding stories that evoke a wide array of emotions: sad, happiness, joy, shock and grief.

It is held every last Thursday of the month at the Uganda Museum Libray (Society). Stories are told around a theme. This month`s theme is Stories of Memorable First-Time Experiences. As a guest host, I am giddy with excitement.

Hearts and Minds Concert by Sam Kimera

Kimera is a gifted vocalist and musician with soul. I would pay to have him perform at my wedding and all life events. His concert is on Friday 7th October and Sunday 9th October 2022 at Vive Church (former Oasis Mall Cinema).

Tickets are ugx 50,000 for first class and ugx 100,000 for business class.

The Mwana Weika Experience

The Mwana Weika Experience by Wake, a spoken word artist and rapper is one you don`t want to miss. Imagine a fusion of rap and poetry. What a divine combo!

Sofar Kampala

Sofar Kampala curates intimate performances in unique, quaint spaces. You`re guaranteed total satisfaction from the amazing artists with music that is made to be on your airwaves and on replay.

I recommend attending Sofar with a friend/lover to sway to music together as you jazz and play catch up.

Visit the link to book for the October edition.

Stage plays and productions at Uganda National Cultural Centre aka National Theatre

The National Theatre hosts stage plays and productions and movie screenings. Check out the UNCC website and dive into the world of Ugandan drama.

Feel free to comment with events that I can add to this list.

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