COVID -19 Tales: Self-Reflection

COVID -19 Tales: Self-Reflection

Professor Paul TP Wong, a Canadian clinical psychologist, says

“ Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted-it is an intimate date with yourself.’’

I would like to presume that COVID-19 launched many of us into self-reflection mode especially during the lockdown. With no work to go to, no hangouts or attending social gatherings, and having to stay in our homes. All we have had is ourselves and our thoughts.

I found myself thinking about Me since I was spending more time with myself away from my family. I questioned my emotions, deconstructed some beliefs and came to understand myself better. This exercise helped me learn and cement certain things I would ordinarily brush over and fail to acknowledge. Here is a list of my `findings’;


I like solitude but on my terms, not the government`s or anyone else`s. The lockdown restricted our freedom or some form of it as the governments all over the world did what they had to do to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Jealousy and the comparison trap

I get a little jealous when I see people on the internet especially my age mates or those younger than me and are making it in life. This is a comparison trap (I know!! trust me) that I am constantly falling into. God help me!!

Natural hair You Tubers

I will never be like the natural hair You Tubers and that`s okay. I like going to the salon and getting my hair fixed. Period!! Special shout out to Natural hair You Tubers especially Fiona Kemi who is constantly giving natural hair tips which work (Link here).  

Dancing queen

I like to dance but my younger sister and my shy self won`t let me prosper.


I love to eat good food that is not cooked by me. Dear friends, remember me when you have that cookout. lool!!

Writing therapy

I process things, ideas and thoughts better when I write. Even if it means doing it over and over. I don`t mind doing it. I have notebooks and papers all over my space for this practice.


I`m so critical of myself that I fail to acknowledge any victories because half the time, my focus is on what has not worked. Recently, I hit my targets for a work project but I could not bring myself to celebrate. I was so engrossed in what I should have done better that I ignored what had gone well.

Armed with these facts, I took a social media break which enabled me to refocus and deal with that tinge of jealousy brought on by comparison.

What have you learnt about yourself during this lockdown?

PS; I failed to get a song for this week`s blog. Feel free to recommend one and I will add it to the blog.

Palito Gasha recommended I know Who I am by Sinach in the comment section. Thank you sis.

27 thoughts on “COVID -19 Tales: Self-Reflection

    1. This is beautiful. I am happy to hear about your self-awareness journey. With our busy lives,we are constantly disconnected from ourselves. Thank you for reading Lebogang.

  1. Thank you for these reflections! In a world where we are always chasing, rarely do we stop to appreciate our efforts. Self criticism claims many, myself inclusive.

    Walks are my therapy. And walking I have in this COVID time. I know all the panyas of my neighborhood.

    1. Early morning walks over the weekend do it for me too. So glad that you have seen all corners of your neighborhood. Now you have so many ways to get to your place.lool!Thank you Kangye for stopping by.

  2. COVID helped me realise I hate the outdoors. I am more at peace indoors and my thought process isn’t all over the place.

    Also writing is such a therapy?

    1. Oh Sharon!! You hate outdoors?Why? I love outdoors and indoors.lool!! Yaay to having a soul sister on the writing is therapy journey.

  3. Wow, thoughtful read Ray. This season broke down my downplaying me patterns, there were many first times for me that required me to show up and do me (like no hiding and looking out for someone else who can do it better, the comparison trap). But also it made me aware of my trust issues with God,I thought I was over this but this season amplified it in real ways especially that almost nothing had me moving and being busy all the time.

    Senchu for sharing my dear!

    1. Feona this is so real. Trust issues with God.I`m with you on that sis.I thought I was good kumbe it was a facade. Sounds like you have been having a great time with yourself.
      Thank you for stopping by always.Hugs and more hugs.

  4. Beautiful piece Ray

    I have really learnt that God sends particular people in our lives at particular times to fulfill a purpose He best desires

    I have also understood why the Lord gave Moses the 10commandments on tablets – the power of writing down
    When the tablets broke in the first place, Hod had all the rights to tell Moses to go and tell the Israelites by mouth but in all His wisdom, He didn’t

    1. “I have really learnt that God sends particular people in our lives at particular times to fulfill a purpose He best desires.”-You just dropped a whole sermon.hehehe. Seasons and timings are everything for a christian. Thank you for reading mukwano.

    1. I would suggest you add empathy when dealing with human beings too.hehe!! Thank you for reading my dear J.

    1. Yesss to enjoy the little things,spending time with family and enjoying nature. I love them all.I haven`t had time to enjoy nature,I should change this. Thank you Marje for stopping by.

  5. This is beautiful my favorite blogger. I personally learnt that family is more important because i was with them during the first months of the lock down.

    1. Thank you for the compliments Gwen. Family will always be one of the moest important things in our lives.Good to hear that this notion has been cememnted. Keep enjoying your Family.

  6. I’m in that naturalista’s squad who don’t mind having experts do their hair for them because I realized I don’t I have the strength and that’s okay…toast to therapy sessions in extra doses of writing, I’m here for it. As for comparison may god deliver us sis because it’s such a thief of time but I’m learning that we each have a race to run and Grace accorded based on that so I like to convince myself that I don’t have the Grace to run the other person’s race. Also MY RACE; MY PACE is my recent mantra for that struggle. Solitude is such a gift we give ourselves and am glad you milked it of all you could.

    So suggestion: couldn’t think of beyond I know who I am by Sinach. Thanks for sharing

    1. You my virtual friend are a dope support system in this season (we should def do a face to face soon). Yaay to having a natural hair sister who feels me.Solitude is a gift to ourselves-A sermon right there!!
      I love your mantra,“My Race,My pace” and yes to those tees we talked about.
      Thank you for the song suggestion and I love it-will add it to the blog ASAP.

  7. Thanks for your sharing your lessons and experiences. I must say I really love your blog. This season has taught me so much about myself that I didn’t know and the power of solitude.

    1. Wanzi-so good to have you here. Thank you for the warm compliments.A friend on FB commented and said,its important we listen to ourselves and that only happens when we enjoy our company(solitude).

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