It’s 8th march again and for the first time I am interested in the history of the International women’s day celebrations.

It is observed globally in 68 countries and it was first celebrated in 1911.
In some parts of the world ,especially Eastern Europe and China ,women’s day is equivalent to mothers day.People buy their mothers gifts and do nice things for them.

In Uganda,it is a day where women’s contributions to their families and society at large are acknowledged.However ,each woman celebrates the women who have inspired them differently.some go eat out together ,dance till dawn ,attend workshops dedicated to women .

Media houses ,churches and various organisations schedule workshops and other forums just to celebrate women in Uganda their way.

On this day, Maya Angelou’s famous “phenomenal woman” makes appearances on all social media platforms.It is a timeless like the little black dress(LBD).

Women will forever be celebrated for their immense contribution to the world.

Each woman plays a role the best way she knows how too. Allen Kagina and Jeniffer Musisi make their debut acting in UNRA & KCCA respectively. Mama Sumaya down in Kalerwe selling food also hustles her way out as “queen of Kalerwe.”
Women selling clothes and food in “Owino “market also co-star in this historical movie.

We are all co-stars in this historical movie  about women. Let’s learn to  celebrate ,support and love on each other.Be genuinely happy when another succeeds.

Remember each woman is a symbol etched in stone for  other women to remember. A  constant reminder to those who rally behind her that ,”if i did it my way in my time ,you can do it your way in your time.”

We need to raise a generation of other women who will live out their full potential as God intended them too.
They will also play their part of raising other women .The cycle goes on through history .

This can be done through  compliments or love notes, mentoring and coaching , health camps, skills workshops and so many creative ways.Do it your way because you are unique and have a spark.

Be apart of this movement.
Happy Women’s day.

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